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Knowledge is power and power is confidence. Build your confidence with this research-based educational game to boost your financial literacy!

Dr Irene Burlacu de Paoli is a certified university teacher, researcher, and passionate social entrepreneur. Irene or Irina graduated in 2019 from Maastricht University with a doctoral degree in Public Policy and Policy Analysis from the United Nations University-MERIT in the field of comparative social policy. After completing her PhD thesis (a relatively thick manuscript), she decided to make a game from the valuable lessons she learned from her research project. This is how the Mobility Era Game came about. Here is more info about her project. She prefers to think of herself as a multi-disciplinary digital creator who works with research communication and research professionals to create a better synergy between societies with the scientific community and the private sector.

The Mobility Era Board Game strongly supports game-based learning as a means to translate highly complex and technical terms into easy-to-explain and play tools. 

Our Mission

To make learning about finance, taxes and civic duty fun and engaging

Game-based learning is becoming increasingly popular.

Researchista is the publisher of the Mobility Era Game and App, would like to offer you support to deliver technical information in a fun way to facilitate more engaging learning to achieve better results.

We value intellectual work and want to offer you the smart outcomes generated by smart people: Researchers.

We promote Research powered educational tools since 2019.

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