The Mobility Era Game For Educators

Dear Educator, Dear Teacher,


Researchista prepared the Mobility Era Game to link actual research results to optimise your time!

As a university lecturer, Researchista learned that any educational tool that will make impact and save time can offer considerable time to the teacher to use it for other proposed projects. This is why educational gaming is our credo.

The Game

With this wonderful game, any teacher aiming to:

  • keep their students aged 14+ busy and engaged;
  • motivate their students to be civically engaged and aware citizens
  • sparkle curiousity of their own knowledge in history, geography and math will succeed!

Key Features

More than that:

  1. The colourful board
  2. Its blind map (without the name of countries) and
  3. Different income levels across 42 countries stimulate discussions with students about the disparities in the EU member states

Learning about taxation was never so much fun!

Join us in reducing inequality through knowledge and fun from a science game!

The Mobility Era Game will not only create a friendly atmosphere in the class, but it will also introduce a teacher from any path of life and discipline to join the movement of financial (and fiscal) literacy. We support the TaxEdu project and would like to invite all educators to find elements relevant to their discipline and potentially to include micro-learnings suitable to the syllabus’s goals.

Use this link to enter European Commission’s fiscal learning platform called TaxEdu: The Mobility Era Game can be found in its Cool Stuff section.

The game is entirely in English, the instructions are also available in Dutch, German, French and Romanian languages to help the game master navigate through the game. Email us anytime at should you have any questions or need any additional materials related to the game.

We will also have a special price for the love and respect for high school and university teachers and teaching! Please email us to specify the number of games needed and the discipline/context they will be used.

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