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Are you looking for an educational board game that teaches players financial literacy? Then play the Mobility Era Board Game. Used by educational institutions in all EU member states.

The creator of the game took inspiration from her PhD thesis that focused on the impact of freedom of movement of workers on their income and taxes. 

The game combines elements of geography, math, public finance, entrepreneurship and civic education. Mobility Era Game is a holistic game of life and income trajectory one can experience from age 11 to 99 years old.

Completing the game will help players:

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The player rolls the dice and moves by squares on the board by counting the numbers on the dice.

If the player lands on a Country Square, it means she/her/him works in that country.

The player picks the corresponding Country Card and keeps it until the end of the game. On the card, the player sees the name and the flag of the country.

The card also shows how much gross income the player receives now and how much tax s/he will pay later. Income is what is earned by working in a country, taxes are what is paid back to the Public Budget.

The player collects gross income from the Public Budget. If the player can name the capital and the language of the country or can indicate its location on the map, then s/he can win 1 HaP.

If the Country Card is already taken, the player is not entitled to receive income anymore, but can still win 1 HaP by challenging its owner.

The player who comes closer to the correct answer on a question about that country wins 1 HaP (e.g. area of the country, year of accession to the EU).

If the player is in a Life Card square, s/he reads the Life Card and places it underneath the pile when done. The Life Cards show life situations, such as unemployment, childcare, marriage/divorce, road tax, carbon tax, etc.

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Mobility Era Board Game


The Mobility Era Game is an educational board game and app that will improve your financial literacy by the usage of official statistics and fun facts about life. It is inspired from a PhD thesis, and it combines elements of geography, math, public finance, entrepreneurship and civic education. Mobility Era Game is a holistic game on life and income trajectory one can experience from age 14+.


The Mobility Era Game is a board game that teaches financial literacy in a fun and engaging way.

The purpose of the game is to accumulate Happy Points (HaPs). Every player needs at least one Health Point (HeP) to survive. The player who reaches the finish first receives three extra happy points and ends the game. The player with the highest number of happy points wins! Dr Irina Burlacu of Researchista created the game.

How to play the Mobility Era Game

The game has four sides (blue, red, green and yellow), representing the four cardinal points North, East, South, and West.

They correspond to four phases in life:

  1. Youth
  2. Midlife
  3. Maturity
  4. Old age

Every square on the board shows the age of the player in the game. The game starts at age 11 and ends at age 99. As you move across the board, you work in different countries and earn money called European Currency Units (ECUs). As in life, as you age in the game, you will have to pay taxes on your earned income. The Mobility Era Game is also equipped with a map. The game can be played with up to five players. The game takes between 60-90 minutes to complete. Players learn valuable information on the European Union’s four freedoms, including each member state’s income taxation levels.

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Who is this game for?


Learning about civic duty, taxation and freedom of movement can actually be fun! Parents often buy this game to teach their children about financial literacy in an engaging, user friendly way


This game is ideal for teachers to use in geography, maths, economics and civic education. It's also useful for EU studies for students that 14 and above


This game will help your beneficiaries to learn complex topics related to financial literacy in an entertaining and engaging way


Our Cheat Sheet is here to help the players with hints (if needed!), it can be kept by the Game Master (who is also in charge of the Public Budget)